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Dearest Dad…..


Dearest Dad,
For us here , Today is, and always will be, your Birthday/Reincarnation Day this lifetime. Its also the first one for Us, without You.
Thank You for being a Wonderful Dad, Mentor, Teacher, and all around Enlightened Human Being.
Thank You for sharing everything You had, always, with most everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or social status. You taught me perseverance , kindness,and unconditional Love. You showed me how to pick my battles, when to stand up and fight, and when to concede, with grace, and respect for my opponent, and with a smile.
You taught me to acknowledge good deeds no matter where, along with positive thinking, and to point out hypocrisy, and that anyone who doesn’t feel Love for all people is not spiritual. You taught me very young, that “whomever Your God may be, you don’t have to go to a church, you can talk to them wherever you Are”, and that “If you’re marrying someone to try and change them, well, just forget about it! You might as well not be married in the first place!” I know thats why my marriage has lasted.
You were a maverick, and ahead of your time, having lived more lifetimes than most, some of which I know we’ve shared before.
You Are Always and Forever My Father, My Friend and Teacher,
and I’m honored to have been Your Daughter this Lifetime..…..

Happy Birthday/Reincarnation Day Dad, We Miss You, however , we absolutely know that You’re here in Spirit !

Love ,
Deb ❤


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Energy Is Unlimited, You Are Unlimited: Life is like a garden

Here in Upstate NY we don’t really acknowledge Spring until about mid-May when the temps start changing for the warmer.  Then everyone appears in their yards gardening, mowing, trimming, weeding, planting.

While gardening today, I recalled an article I’d written that was published in Inside Karate magazine long ago, using gardening as a metaphor for life. As I was hoeing I started to feel tired pulling up the huge mounds of thick crab grass and other things I didn’t want in my veggie garden. The out of control  but amazing smelling apple mint , that was actually strangling the life out of the little bit of asparagus I had left, and stealthily working its way toward the strawberries and the rest of the garden was a task. Wow, what tenacity ! The strong roots under the dirt had grown like octopus tentacles reaching out every which way since last summer. I was feeling frustrated, then grabbed my hoe and started hacking away.  But it smelled soooo good. I contained it to a much smaller area to use later for cooking, medicinal, and tea.

Life can sometimes feel like that. All the tasks, work and vampires, that can feel like your being strangled so that you can’t breathe, literally and figuratively. The job that you hate consuming you, negative thoughts ,like weeds, growing  that reach through your whole being, and make you feel sick and or tired, choking, that then reach outward toward friends and family affecting your entire life and environment.

Then I thought about the days when I’d run along the beach in Santa Monica every morning for exercise. One morning while I was feeling tired, trying to press on, pushing myself not to quit,  I had an enlightenment ! ” If I truly believe what I believe, that everything is made of energy, then my energy should be unlimited ! The Universe is loaded with electrons, and so am I ! So its not for lack of energy that I’m feeling tired. Its for lack of desire.” I have a choice.

Like a gardener we have choices. We are the creators of our lives. We can keep going, reaching deep for the energy that always “Was, IS and Will be”, like a Mother springing in to action, able to do unbelievable things when her child is in danger, OR we can choose inaction, and do nothing, …not take that run/job/phone call/ junk food etc., today.                                                                                 We can have a trailer , flower gardens, and a house with a front porch,


or we can have weeds, or grass, OR we can plant veggies, OR yellow flowers,


or red, or whatever…..DSC_0074

Or we can pull them out and plant something else that makes us feel happy.

We can allow weeds to overtake our garden and our yards and our lives, OR we can “power up” gather our unlimited energy, our hoe and rake, and yank them out, cleaning and clearing our garden, our space, our minds, and start over with new plants, positive ideas, and thoughts and create a whole new garden that nurtures and feeds us, and gives us life instead of taking it away.


When we have the desire to do our Spring cleaning we also make more breathing room for the veggie or flower plants you want to keep, so they can thrive and bloom. The life analogy here, is like going back to your true self, the real You that became buried under all those weeds , negative trauma and thoughts, and now needs to grow, and reach for the Sun. It also applies to allowing energy to flow, air, water etc whether its your garden, your mind, your workplace, or cleaning your house, energy must flow for good health and quality of life.

Energy just IS ! Everything is made of electrons, EVERYTHING! It’s all around us doing our bidding. The key is having the desire to use it in a positive way! What are you doing with your energy?  If we’re angry all the time, thinking negative thoughts, energy acts out and mirrors us, and does the same. You will attract more negative energy, accidents, other angry people and situations in to your life.

SO many people I talk to these days have become cognizant of the need to eliminate negative people from their lives. Thats one step in the right direction. Another more important step is to reflect on how we are attracting those people in to our lives in the first place!

Tend to your gardens, maintain them and keep them weed free, positive, organized. Nurture your desire to weed out negative thoughts, energy, and habits that are no longer serving you. Take a hoe to the stubborn ones. Plant new things, positive thoughts, eat real organic food , and exercise. Search out and attract positive people. All this will grow and feed your desire to live a better quality of life. This is taking care of Body, Mind, & Spirit that I’ve been teaching since the early 1980’s.

You and Your Energy are Unlimited !




Deborah ❤








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Fate, Predestination, or Just Plain Luck ?!

Have you ever had one of those moments? A near miss, a life threatening illness or “accident” and you survived , a bit unglued, life flashing before your eyes, only to be left wondering, “What if?” or, like me the other day, ” Holy **** ! ”   If you’ve read my previous blog about my “death” experience, you know that I’m no stranger to those kinds of moments or questions.

It’s already been a challenging year for many. For my family, there’ve been many passings over the last year and a half, not unlike some friends I heard about with multiple passings in their circles also. A time of great transition for so many.

In addition to intuitive readings for clients, I also do them for myself, using various methods. One method the Destiny cards, showed my chart to have several “Spades” coming up beginning last fall 2014 thru to next fall 2015. In the Destiny symbols, Spades are about spirituality, change, transitions, death, and rebirth, new beginnings.

Interestingly enough, ALL of the previously mentioned characteristics of the spades have showed up so far, just as the reading said they would. There’ve been numerous passings around me, many changes, a few new beginnings, as well as spiritual changes within. I’ve also had multiple Aces of Spades in this years reading,  (one is bad enough!) the card for passing, ( I really don’t like the word “death” because nothing really dies ) which made some of these changes huge and challenging.

Clairvoyance helped me to take precautions, to think and focus on positive thoughts, go with the flow, and keep my mind and environment calm using Chimes From My Yard playing in the background quite often at home, and in the car.  I also created self-hypnosis affirmation recordings to stave off negative thought patterns that arose from these challenges. When we get exhausted and overwhelmed we’re at our weakest. Stress as you know, is one of the biggest killers. So no matter what came my way, I hung in there, embraced the challenge and made it thru, ….so far.

Well, a few weeks ago I had some trees cleared from my backyard and noticed the poison ivy getting out of control in one area. I knew I had to get at it, but I kept delaying constantly, day after day, until two mornings ago. I looked at my reading for that day, like I often do, and saw another Ace of Spades! “Oh brother!”, I thought to myself. Now what !? Can this Womyn get a break here? I immediately tried to forget about it, not wanting it to influence my day (or my thoughts) in a negative way.  After all, I’ve made it this far…..                                                                                                                                                         That morning, I dragged my feet, finding other tasks to do to procrastinate, and finally suited up with pants, socks and boots, to protect my skin, and walked out there to do the ivy deed. I had to stop and move a large log that was holding the gate closed, pushed the gate open and walked thru. I strolled thru my beautiful small woods to the right, over past the withering May apples, to the area over run with ivy, and started spraying. I was only 5 minutes in to my task when I heard a very loud crash close by. I looked over in the general direction I just came from , and saw that a huge and very long branch had fallen directly over the gate entrance! Right where I had just stopped to move a log, push open the fence, and walk thru !


I went over to investigate. It took a minute before I could see where it fell from. I realized that it had fallen from quite a ways up, calculating in my head, what mass plus speed and impact would’ve felt like ! It fell off the tree to the right in this picture, and it had flipped over during its decent, so that the largest and heaviest part of the branch that could’ve been deadly, fell furthest away from ground zero, …the very narrow entrance way….I HAD JUST WALKED THRU !! I thought to myself, ….Ace of Spades !

Now, we’ve all had experiences where we’ve come thru knowing, seeing, that we had something to do with the way things turned out. We used our driving skills to avert a possibly fatal accident, a surgeon saving a life, you knowingly speaking calmly to avoid an argument which puts you more in control of the outcome. OR in the negative,… you cutting a watermelon, while being angry at someone, and slip and slice your finger instead. Thats a personal story I’m not proud to share. You know you shouldn’t be handling sharp things when you’re angry! So, for some things, its just easier to pin down the cause.

But what the hell is going on when you’re being positive, calm and productive and stuff falls out of the sky on you?! What does one make of the timing? So many times I tried to get out there, and decided on that moment ,when the tree branch was destined to fall! And then , reflecting on the morning reading with the Ace of Spades warning !

Was it luck or a warning that my timing was good? What if I weren’t so lucky? So and so (enter deceased relative’s name here) must’ve been watching out for me! I knew something might happen. Should I have been more cautious and stayed away from large trees? Why did it happen that way?! Why, of all the branches and all the spots in my yard, did the branch fall right in that spot? Inquiring minds want to know…..because inquiring minds already know, there are no accidents!

Love, Light, & Knowledge ,


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Chimes From My Yard- ” Whispering Wind “


Photo “Cards From My Yard ” © 2013 DMagone all rights reserved

A Sample of My New Meditation / Relaxation Audio on Youtube:

Chimes From My Yard- ” Whispering Wind ”

©2014 DMagone / JoMama Music BMI All Rights Reserved

          As a meditation and martial arts instructor, reiki practitioner, and professional musician for decades now, I’ve listened to and tried many different soundtracks for relaxing and de-stressing. In that time I’ve only found a few I like that actually slow my chaotic brainwaves down enough to help my students/ clients and I to relax.

One day while taking a break in my backyard, the wind was blowing thru my chimes. As I sat there ,I became increasingly relaxed, and began naturally drifting in to an Alpha state right there in my lounge chair without any effort at all ! The natural summer breezes created unique patterns of sound untouched by human hands! It was simply the wind, and the chimes, and the beautiful melodies created were so unique and random that I couldn’t help but feel peaceful.

Some meditation audio producers make claims to be the “sounds of nature.”

THIS audio really is. It’s the sound of my chimes hanging in my backyard while gently stroked by the natural breezes here in beautiful Upstate NY on Lake Ontario, an area said by Edgar Cayce to be an energy vortex. There are no digital computer generated sounds, only acoustic ALL NATURAL!

Whether you meditate, practice yoga, reiki, walking or just hang out, these natural acoustic tones will relax your body, mind, and spirit ,causing a feeling of inner peace and balance. Clients are using it for sleep aide as well.

I had picked this particular chime because of it’s tonal qualities years ago. The chimes ring out tones , for example the notes C, B, E, G etc. Science knows the effects of certain tones on our health. Our inner ear has small hairs called cilia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereocilia_(inner_ear)

that vibrate when sound hits them and each hair is connected to our nervous systems causing us to feel certain emotions that affect the health of our body, mind, and spirit. Just like the different ways you feel when you hear different songs, noises, your Mother or childs voice, or even bird calls ! You feel a certain way. In future I’ll post more detailed information regarding specific tone characteristics and how they affect us.

Science is even experimenting with certain acoustic tones breaking up cancer cells under a microscope. The military uses sound as well , unfortunately for negative purposes, both silent subliminal sound carried on low and high frequencies , and sound cannons that you now see being used against citizen protestors.

So when choosing your meditation sound recordings please choose wisely from a reputable source.

Your constructive feedback is welcome in the comment section. Please click the “Like” link and spread the word. This is a copyrighted product and All Rights are Reserved ©2014 DMagone / JoMama Music BMI. Your purchase supports the artist and all profits go to support current and future recordings in the Arts.

Listen in good health, and let peace begin with YOU !

For the cd or mp3 of the full 59 min audio recording to use in your classes, sessions, daily or sleep activities please send $10 by money order with your email and contact information to :


POB 16235

Rochester,NY 14616

Or contact me thru email dmagone@gmail.com for Paypal and mp3

Thank You,






Audio Engineers: DMagone & Joe Teresi ©2014 JoMama Music BMI

Video : DMagone © 2015 All rights reserved

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After my Dad came to live with my family and I about 6 yrs ago(?) or so, we ended up having to take him to the hospital twice for dizziness and falling down, only to find out that the cause of this was that he was dehydrated!
He wasn’t under our minute observation when he first arrived. He was free to roam around the house, eat and drink when he was hungry. In the past he was always healthy, and drank lots & lots of water, boiling and refrigerating quarts at a time long before the masses thought to. So we assumed he was drinking enough. Well he wasn’t. Consequently we became the (filtered) Water Police !

Some of the signs and symptoms of dehydration
(from David E. Thomas, M.D., found at knittingdoc.wordpress.com)

” Thirst
Decreased urine output – urine will become concentrated and more yellow in color
Dry nasal passages
Dry, cracked lips, dry mouth, eyes stop making tears, sweating may stop, muscle
cramps, nausea and vomiting, lightheadedness (especially when standing),weakness will occur as the brain and other body organs receive less blood Coma and organ failure will occur if the dehydration remains untreated
Irritability and confusion in the elderly should also be heeded immediately ”

Lightheadedness or dizziness can lead to falling and broken bones or worse!

Keep water handy, even if you can only get your loved ones to sip occasionally. You can flavor the water with lemon, cucumber & ginger or your own favorite combo of organic fruits or veggies. You can also get a large variety of organic juices now at the market. Organic Apple Juice is one of my Dads favorites. He’ll drink that right down! Dilute juices with half water.
Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks WILL dehydrate you. If your senior is stuck on soda, they now have many organic choices you can use to hopefully ween them off.

Water is vital to maintain proper body & brain function ! Drink, whether you’re thirsty or not. If you wait or forget till you’re feeling thirsty, it may be too late for dry lips, skin, brittle nails, and dizziness leading to dangerous falls.

May Your Winter Season be Happy, Peaceful and Hydrated !!


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Stressed ? Take A Bath !


I know, I know for some of you, I might be preaching to the choir ! But how many of you actually do take a hot bath to relax body , mind , and Spirit these days?  Who has the time?  YOU do ! Or at least you better make the time for healths sake.

I try to find the time when the house is quiet, usually early morning before everyones awake (or after they’ve gone) . In the evening I’m so dead tired I don’t dare take a bath for worry of falling asleep and drowning!

Bathing can decrease stress, improve circulation and tone skin and muscles. Creating the ultimate bath is simple; finding the time for yourself is the challenging part. ”

For a few decades now , I’ve used a combination of favorite essential oils , epsom salt and sea salt. I light a few candles, sometimes I play my favorite home-made meditation mp3 or just a simple gong sound recording I created myself, …other times just quiet.  The effect of the warm water in relaxing my muscles, along with some deep breathing, brings a flood of thoughts & ideas so sometimes I have a pencil and paper or a recorder ready to record my thoughts, to sort of empty my head in order to proceed toward my goal of relaxation.

Circulation to deep muscle structures is also increased significantly in water immersion, improving oxygen flow to tissues and potentially facilitating healing of muscle, bone, and joint injuries (Balldin & Lundgren, 1972; Balldin, Lundgren, Lundvall, & Mellander, 1971). Improved blood flow is also relevant to processes that alter tissue circulation, including diabetes and some auto-immune diseases. ”

“ While friendly to the body, it will be shown to be, at the same time, a soother and comforter to the mind, and, next to fresh and pure air, the best dispeller of the vapours and spasms of fitful hysteria and of gloomy hypochondriasis – the best cosmetic for beauty, the best cordial for care. “ – Water As a Preservative of Health and A Remedy in Disease , John Bell M.D.

Go on, take  bath !

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Your Thoughts can Change Your Life, Your Body Language Can Change Your Thoughts!