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“ 5 Things YOU CAN DO Right NOW to Stay Balanced & Calm During Stressful Times “


      Things have gotten bit crazy lately.  Not just our daily lives, bills to pay, challenges to confront, adulting in general, but the general state of our world, our politics, climate change to name just a few things, changing lives across the globe.  Things are happening on such a connected global level , especially among some very bad world leaders committing human rights violations, &  inciting violence using a megaphone, that we can’t help but be affected as we watch uncertainty, tempers & anxiety flare around us.

The Positive: Remember, there are many more people on the planet doing good things than bad.  Think of all the people working hard behind the scenes, without recognition right now, keeping us safe.  Here’s where you can read about some of them. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org

and as promised,

here are five things you can do right now to work towards calm, and mastering your immediate environment .

  1. Breathe.  Stop , Sit , be still for a moment, & breathe….deeply, fill your diaphragm (in your belly area) up thru your lungs, keeping your shoulders and neck relaxed, while filling and raising your chest….in through the nose, out thru the mouth.

Young blonde woman meditating in the park

  1. Ask “What do I I need  right now?”  Not “what do I want”  but “What do I need?” And then just listen.  It might be something as simple as a glass of water or it might be intuition guiding you to a specific more complicated action, or to trust in the Universe that everything always works out . For better or worse we are the creators and there are no accidents.  Embrace your part & responsibility in the situation and ask for guidance.


  1. Move your body if you’re able, workout, run , walk , stretch, and get your blood & your thoughts  flowing. Sweat if possible. If you’re unable to move or just plain tired, listen to a meditation tape or favorite music and /or rest.  I usually gravitate toward my favorite chair or comfy spot inside or outside.  Colors and materials matter to me too.  The last few years I’ve been using diffusers with organic essential oils, cinnamon or lavender during the winter, orange during the summer along with fresh cut herbs. 


  1. Distract yourself. Remember how we would distract our kids when they’d feel upset? If you can break away, do something fun, something relaxing (a hot bath), a book or a movie, something beautiful (an art museum, the beach, or a park), a walk around the neighborhood, a funny movie, time with a nurturing friend.  If you only have a few minutes grab your favorite picture book, magazine, or a youtube video of your favorite comedian or listen to your favorite music. You can also find a mundane task to work on that you’ve been meaning to get to.  


5.  Let it go!  Sometimes the best thing you can do , if possible, is to let the worries, &    concerns causing the chaos and stress go, walk away, and give it up to the Universe.  Remember , it’s not what happens, but how you deal with what happens. If you’ve done what you can, let go. If theres still some action to take, or something you can do however large or small, and it feels right, and causes no harm …do it!  Otherwise, give it up to the Universe. “Let go and let God/Goddess”  then repeat steps 1 – 4 above as needed. 


What are some of your constructive coping skills? Please share them with us in the comment section so we can add them to our list!

Wishing You ,

Peace, Love & Calm






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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

May You Create many New & Wonderful Beginnings

in 2019 & beyond!


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Rochester Woman Magazine article August 2011- A Look Back

http:// https://issuu.com/rochesterwomanmag/docs/rwm_aug2011/28

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Berries, Fruits & Veggies excellent for Your Health & Well Being

I’ve been talking about fruits & veggies for decades now. Being a severe ulcerative colitis survivor I had to learn about nutrition in my twenties.  Uggh! It was a drag but it was life or death, not an option. During the healing process I had to eat some processed food because it was gentler on my colon. I did have just a few , but very limited healthier options at that time. However, after some self-administered mental behavior modification, and learning how to control my stress & thoughts, I was once again strong enough to get back to real food.

I found that the fruit and veggies just plain made me feel better, lighter, gave me so much more energy, and even kept my arteries & teeth cleaner!  Hello! I used to pick fruit off the trees in my yard as a kid! Then science & corporate profits tried and succeeded in getting my generation out of the garden and into the grocery store.

Now , finally, more and more mainstream articles are touting the health benefits of fruit and veggies, that our Grandmothers, and Mothers knew, but many in my generation had lost.

I’m sure you (and your dentist) notice the plaque in your teeth after eating processed pasta, breads and meats? Thats the plaque that clogs your arteries. Alzheimers is plaque on your brain. Americans eat too much meat , bread, and starchy foods. People who live in other countries where they do not eat so much white processed/ bleached sugar, & eat burgers & pizza, have much longer lifespans.

Here in America Alzheimers, obesity, and heart attacks are at an all time high.

Time to get back to the garden, back to real food, organic fruits & veggies so we can enjoy a better quality of life and look forward to some fun & independence in our elder years vs a diet of processed food that will more than likely put us in bad health & a nursing home.



Wishing You Peace, Abundance , & Good Health,



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Dare to Be Different, Dare to BE….You!

” The person who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.

Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties, for peculiarity breeds contempt. And the unfortunate thing about being ahead of your time is that when people finally realize you were right, they’ll say it was obvious all along. You have two choices in your life; you can dissolve into the mainstream, or you can be distinct. To be distinct, you must be different. To be different, you must strive to be what no one else but you can be.”  – Author Unknown.

Many of us are raised by well meaning society and family that impose upon us rules or societal “norms” that tell us we must “fit in” to be accepted. We must care what others think in order to judge how well we’re doing in our daily lives. Do it this way, not that! Don’t be “self-ish”!

Being told these things was a form of oppression. Well, times are a changin’ !

There has never been more diversity on the planet as we continue to grow and reach out with our ideas and personalities more easily than ever before. Every day now, as exampled by those inhabiting the American White House, people are pushing the boundaries of what used to be normal. When it comes to personalities, creative talent, ideas etc., we’re finding out that we’re not alone. Through sheer frustration, stress & anger, millions are taking to the streets to show solidarity. There are others out there like Me, thinking like Me, acting like Me! Some have the courage to express themselves without fear.  Others take it more slowly. Possibly due to environment and safety concerns, still fearing being too “different”.

Have courage, tenacity , and faith! And above ALL, take care of Yourself first.

We must take care of ourselves first, Body, Mind & Spirit, to ensure we’re able to build confidence , courage, have a healthy quality of life . So that’s a priority! We must make choices that fill our Spirit with joy & ease of living.

Then you will be strong enough to Feel the fear and BE yourself. Find something new & challenging. Not only will you grow brain matter, & new friendships with others like you, but you’ll grow confidence too. Try studying martial arts or any other physical movement that builds confidence and is fun for you. If you’re not physically able to do that type of physical strengthening, then exercise mentally.  Study meditation, self hypnosis,  learn, then use daily affirmations that will help change your mental behavior in the direction of confidence.  I’m sure you’ve heard how Olympic Athletes visualize their actions as well as do them.  That’s because if we visualize & really imagine & feel an action mentally, our brains sometimes can’t tell the difference between physical reality, actually “doing” something, and just thinking about it. So you can have the same affect in regards to building confidence!

Do what makes You happy and then try volunteering. Volunteering is known to boost confidence and in turn your immune system! There are plenty of opportunities out there in your own community to help others. Find one that You would enjoy.  This is about your healing too.  DO you like working with children or Seniors? Are you ok indoors, say in a hospital, or hospice environment? Or do you prefer being outside with Parks & Recreation? What are you curious about? Google to see whats out there. In order to maintain balance and good health in Body, Mind, & Spirit , you have to be “Self-ish”.  Through volunteering, You can be helping your-Self & others at the very same time! Crazy huh?!

What makes you happy? Make a list 1 – 10 of things that do, or used to (even in your childhood) make you happy. Start thinking about them. Are you noticing that you’re starting to feel a bit different just taking a trip down memory lane like I did, remembering my passion for stargazing when I was 8 yrs young? A little lighter, a bit happier in that moment? Capture and remember that feeling.  Then, if possible, take action! I went stargazing last summer for the first time in years. It was amazing and lifted my spirits incredibly.

Start focusing on and doing the things on your list if you’re able. If not now, start a bucket list. No rush , no pressure, just put that list somewhere visible & look at, and think about that list everyday. Change it, or add to it when necessary . Start going down that list and going thru it one at a time and watch your outlook on your-Self & Your life start changing for the better.  Watch new positive people start coming in to your life.

Its like a vision board. Make one of those if you feel it will help! The more you think about it, the more things small or large, will start moving toward that vision, and toward You. FOCUS on You is the key! Through this process, You start learning who YOU are, why you’re here, and what you really want from life.

There are many great stories of people who knew very young who they wanted to be and had great focus or great karma whom I’ve envied.  Others like myself, had to constantly fight against others telling them to NOT be themselves but be like someone else and just fit in. One of my favorite stories is about Lucille Ball .  Because of her enormous focus, intelligence, tenacity, talent, and her gift of healing the world with laughter, she defied them ALL and became a global force for good.  Her work survives on TV decades after her passing and in many different languages because of the joy she gave to the world.  Of course being a Leo helped her….alot.

Some of us are born more forceful and confident this lifetime and reach our goals & passions faster because of it.  Some of us are here to learn and experience the journey from introvert or ambivert to extrovert.  For example, classic Virgos make such good researchers, spies, scientists, surgeons,and lawyers.  They don’t mind being hold up with a book, a test tube , or behind the scenes.  But if we have some Leo planets in our chart…well, its like a split personality. Often classified as ambiverts, we love people and parties, but then we love our quiet time to focus on other things too.

So dare to be different! Dare to be YOU with balance. Take of you first, then be of service to others. Respect yourself and others always. DO no harm. Joy, ease & abundance will flow effortlessly.

If you need help in figuring out your path this lifetime, and are ready to do the homework, I can help.

Visit my Karmakology Facebook page and/or contact me to set up a reading at dmagone@gmail.com .

Peace , Courage & Love,
Deborah ❤


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Dearest Dad…..


Dearest Dad,
For us here , Today is, and always will be, your Birthday/Reincarnation Day this lifetime. Its also the first one for Us, without You.
Thank You for being a Wonderful Dad, Mentor, Teacher, and all around Enlightened Human Being.
Thank You for sharing everything You had, always, with most everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, or social status. You taught me perseverance , kindness,and unconditional Love. You showed me how to pick my battles, when to stand up and fight, and when to concede, with grace, and respect for my opponent, and with a smile.
You taught me to acknowledge good deeds no matter where, along with positive thinking, and to point out hypocrisy, and that anyone who doesn’t feel Love for all people is not spiritual. You taught me very young, that “whomever Your God may be, you don’t have to go to a church, you can talk to them wherever you Are”, and that “If you’re marrying someone to try and change them, well, just forget about it! You might as well not be married in the first place!” I know thats why my marriage has lasted.
You were a maverick, and ahead of your time, having lived more lifetimes than most, some of which I know we’ve shared before.
You Are Always and Forever My Father, My Friend and Teacher,
and I’m honored to have been Your Daughter this Lifetime..…..

Happy Birthday/Reincarnation Day Dad, We Miss You, however , we absolutely know that You’re here in Spirit !

Love ,
Deb ❤

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Energy Is Unlimited, You Are Unlimited: Life is like a garden

Here in Upstate NY we don’t really acknowledge Spring until about mid-May when the temps start changing for the warmer.  Then everyone appears in their yards gardening, mowing, trimming, weeding, planting.

While gardening today, I recalled an article I’d written that was published in Inside Karate magazine long ago, using gardening as a metaphor for life. As I was hoeing I started to feel tired pulling up the huge mounds of thick crab grass and other things I didn’t want in my veggie garden. The out of control  but amazing smelling apple mint , that was actually strangling the life out of the little bit of asparagus I had left, and stealthily working its way toward the strawberries and the rest of the garden was a task. Wow, what tenacity ! The strong roots under the dirt had grown like octopus tentacles reaching out every which way since last summer. I was feeling frustrated, then grabbed my hoe and started hacking away.  But it smelled soooo good. I contained it to a much smaller area to use later for cooking, medicinal, and tea.

Life can sometimes feel like that. All the tasks, work and vampires, that can feel like your being strangled so that you can’t breathe, literally and figuratively. The job that you hate consuming you, negative thoughts ,like weeds, growing  that reach through your whole being, and make you feel sick and or tired, choking, that then reach outward toward friends and family affecting your entire life and environment.

Then I thought about the days when I’d run along the beach in Santa Monica every morning for exercise. One morning while I was feeling tired, trying to press on, pushing myself not to quit,  I had an enlightenment ! ” If I truly believe what I believe, that everything is made of energy, then my energy should be unlimited ! The Universe is loaded with electrons, and so am I ! So its not for lack of energy that I’m feeling tired. Its for lack of desire.” I have a choice.

Like a gardener we have choices. We are the creators of our lives. We can keep going, reaching deep for the energy that always “Was, IS and Will be”, like a Mother springing in to action, able to do unbelievable things when her child is in danger, OR we can choose inaction, and do nothing, …not take that run/job/phone call/ junk food etc., today.                                                                                 We can have a trailer , flower gardens, and a house with a front porch,


or we can have weeds, or grass, OR we can plant veggies, OR yellow flowers,


or red, or whatever…..DSC_0074

Or we can pull them out and plant something else that makes us feel happy.

We can allow weeds to overtake our garden and our yards and our lives, OR we can “power up” gather our unlimited energy, our hoe and rake, and yank them out, cleaning and clearing our garden, our space, our minds, and start over with new plants, positive ideas, and thoughts and create a whole new garden that nurtures and feeds us, and gives us life instead of taking it away.


When we have the desire to do our Spring cleaning we also make more breathing room for the veggie or flower plants you want to keep, so they can thrive and bloom. The life analogy here, is like going back to your true self, the real You that became buried under all those weeds , negative trauma and thoughts, and now needs to grow, and reach for the Sun. It also applies to allowing energy to flow, air, water etc whether its your garden, your mind, your workplace, or cleaning your house, energy must flow for good health and quality of life.

Energy just IS ! Everything is made of electrons, EVERYTHING! It’s all around us doing our bidding. The key is having the desire to use it in a positive way! What are you doing with your energy?  If we’re angry all the time, thinking negative thoughts, energy acts out and mirrors us, and does the same. You will attract more negative energy, accidents, other angry people and situations in to your life.

SO many people I talk to these days have become cognizant of the need to eliminate negative people from their lives. Thats one step in the right direction. Another more important step is to reflect on how we are attracting those people in to our lives in the first place!

Tend to your gardens, maintain them and keep them weed free, positive, organized. Nurture your desire to weed out negative thoughts, energy, and habits that are no longer serving you. Take a hoe to the stubborn ones. Plant new things, positive thoughts, eat real organic food , and exercise. Search out and attract positive people. All this will grow and feed your desire to live a better quality of life. This is taking care of Body, Mind, & Spirit that I’ve been teaching since the early 1980’s.

You and Your Energy are Unlimited !




Deborah ❤