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Energy Is Unlimited, You Are Unlimited: Life is like a garden

Here in Upstate NY we don’t really acknowledge Spring until about mid-May when the temps start changing for the warmer.  Then everyone appears in their yards gardening, mowing, trimming, weeding, planting.

While gardening today, I recalled an article I’d written that was published in Inside Karate magazine long ago, using gardening as a metaphor for life. As I was hoeing I started to feel tired pulling up the huge mounds of thick crab grass and other things I didn’t want in my veggie garden. The out of control  but amazing smelling apple mint , that was actually strangling the life out of the little bit of asparagus I had left, and stealthily working its way toward the strawberries and the rest of the garden was a task. Wow, what tenacity ! The strong roots under the dirt had grown like octopus tentacles reaching out every which way since last summer. I was feeling frustrated, then grabbed my hoe and started hacking away.  But it smelled soooo good. I contained it to a much smaller area to use later for cooking, medicinal, and tea.

Life can sometimes feel like that. All the tasks, work and vampires, that can feel like your being strangled so that you can’t breathe, literally and figuratively. The job that you hate consuming you, negative thoughts ,like weeds, growing  that reach through your whole being, and make you feel sick and or tired, choking, that then reach outward toward friends and family affecting your entire life and environment.

Then I thought about the days when I’d run along the beach in Santa Monica every morning for exercise. One morning while I was feeling tired, trying to press on, pushing myself not to quit,  I had an enlightenment ! ” If I truly believe what I believe, that everything is made of energy, then my energy should be unlimited ! The Universe is loaded with electrons, and so am I ! So its not for lack of energy that I’m feeling tired. Its for lack of desire.” I have a choice.

Like a gardener we have choices. We are the creators of our lives. We can keep going, reaching deep for the energy that always “Was, IS and Will be”, like a Mother springing in to action, able to do unbelievable things when her child is in danger, OR we can choose inaction, and do nothing, …not take that run/job/phone call/ junk food etc., today.                                                                                 We can have a trailer , flower gardens, and a house with a front porch,


or we can have weeds, or grass, OR we can plant veggies, OR yellow flowers,


or red, or whatever…..DSC_0074

Or we can pull them out and plant something else that makes us feel happy.

We can allow weeds to overtake our garden and our yards and our lives, OR we can “power up” gather our unlimited energy, our hoe and rake, and yank them out, cleaning and clearing our garden, our space, our minds, and start over with new plants, positive ideas, and thoughts and create a whole new garden that nurtures and feeds us, and gives us life instead of taking it away.


When we have the desire to do our Spring cleaning we also make more breathing room for the veggie or flower plants you want to keep, so they can thrive and bloom. The life analogy here, is like going back to your true self, the real You that became buried under all those weeds , negative trauma and thoughts, and now needs to grow, and reach for the Sun. It also applies to allowing energy to flow, air, water etc whether its your garden, your mind, your workplace, or cleaning your house, energy must flow for good health and quality of life.

Energy just IS ! Everything is made of electrons, EVERYTHING! It’s all around us doing our bidding. The key is having the desire to use it in a positive way! What are you doing with your energy?  If we’re angry all the time, thinking negative thoughts, energy acts out and mirrors us, and does the same. You will attract more negative energy, accidents, other angry people and situations in to your life.

SO many people I talk to these days have become cognizant of the need to eliminate negative people from their lives. Thats one step in the right direction. Another more important step is to reflect on how we are attracting those people in to our lives in the first place!

Tend to your gardens, maintain them and keep them weed free, positive, organized. Nurture your desire to weed out negative thoughts, energy, and habits that are no longer serving you. Take a hoe to the stubborn ones. Plant new things, positive thoughts, eat real organic food , and exercise. Search out and attract positive people. All this will grow and feed your desire to live a better quality of life. This is taking care of Body, Mind, & Spirit that I’ve been teaching since the early 1980’s.

You and Your Energy are Unlimited !




Deborah ❤