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Fate, Predestination, or Just Plain Luck ?!

Have you ever had one of those moments? A near miss, a life threatening illness or “accident” and you survived , a bit unglued, life flashing before your eyes, only to be left wondering, “What if?” or, like me the other day, ” Holy **** ! ”   If you’ve read my previous blog about my “death” experience, you know that I’m no stranger to those kinds of moments or questions.

It’s already been a challenging year for many. For my family, there’ve been many passings over the last year and a half, not unlike some friends I heard about with multiple passings in their circles also. A time of great transition for so many.

In addition to intuitive readings for clients, I also do them for myself, using various methods. One method the Destiny cards, showed my chart to have several “Spades” coming up beginning last fall 2014 thru to next fall 2015. In the Destiny symbols, Spades are about spirituality, change, transitions, death, and rebirth, new beginnings.

Interestingly enough, ALL of the previously mentioned characteristics of the spades have showed up so far, just as the reading said they would. There’ve been numerous passings around me, many changes, a few new beginnings, as well as spiritual changes within. I’ve also had multiple Aces of Spades in this years reading,  (one is bad enough!) the card for passing, ( I really don’t like the word “death” because nothing really dies ) which made some of these changes huge and challenging.

Clairvoyance helped me to take precautions, to think and focus on positive thoughts, go with the flow, and keep my mind and environment calm using Chimes From My Yard playing in the background quite often at home, and in the car.  I also created self-hypnosis affirmation recordings to stave off negative thought patterns that arose from these challenges. When we get exhausted and overwhelmed we’re at our weakest. Stress as you know, is one of the biggest killers. So no matter what came my way, I hung in there, embraced the challenge and made it thru, ….so far.

Well, a few weeks ago I had some trees cleared from my backyard and noticed the poison ivy getting out of control in one area. I knew I had to get at it, but I kept delaying constantly, day after day, until two mornings ago. I looked at my reading for that day, like I often do, and saw another Ace of Spades! “Oh brother!”, I thought to myself. Now what !? Can this Womyn get a break here? I immediately tried to forget about it, not wanting it to influence my day (or my thoughts) in a negative way.  After all, I’ve made it this far…..                                                                                                                                                         That morning, I dragged my feet, finding other tasks to do to procrastinate, and finally suited up with pants, socks and boots, to protect my skin, and walked out there to do the ivy deed. I had to stop and move a large log that was holding the gate closed, pushed the gate open and walked thru. I strolled thru my beautiful small woods to the right, over past the withering May apples, to the area over run with ivy, and started spraying. I was only 5 minutes in to my task when I heard a very loud crash close by. I looked over in the general direction I just came from , and saw that a huge and very long branch had fallen directly over the gate entrance! Right where I had just stopped to move a log, push open the fence, and walk thru !


I went over to investigate. It took a minute before I could see where it fell from. I realized that it had fallen from quite a ways up, calculating in my head, what mass plus speed and impact would’ve felt like ! It fell off the tree to the right in this picture, and it had flipped over during its decent, so that the largest and heaviest part of the branch that could’ve been deadly, fell furthest away from ground zero, …the very narrow entrance way….I HAD JUST WALKED THRU !! I thought to myself, ….Ace of Spades !

Now, we’ve all had experiences where we’ve come thru knowing, seeing, that we had something to do with the way things turned out. We used our driving skills to avert a possibly fatal accident, a surgeon saving a life, you knowingly speaking calmly to avoid an argument which puts you more in control of the outcome. OR in the negative,… you cutting a watermelon, while being angry at someone, and slip and slice your finger instead. Thats a personal story I’m not proud to share. You know you shouldn’t be handling sharp things when you’re angry! So, for some things, its just easier to pin down the cause.

But what the hell is going on when you’re being positive, calm and productive and stuff falls out of the sky on you?! What does one make of the timing? So many times I tried to get out there, and decided on that moment ,when the tree branch was destined to fall! And then , reflecting on the morning reading with the Ace of Spades warning !

Was it luck or a warning that my timing was good? What if I weren’t so lucky? So and so (enter deceased relative’s name here) must’ve been watching out for me! I knew something might happen. Should I have been more cautious and stayed away from large trees? Why did it happen that way?! Why, of all the branches and all the spots in my yard, did the branch fall right in that spot? Inquiring minds want to know…..because inquiring minds already know, there are no accidents!

Love, Light, & Knowledge ,