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Chimes From My Yard- ” Whispering Wind “


Photo “Cards From My Yard ” © 2013 DMagone all rights reserved

A Sample of My New Meditation / Relaxation Audio on Youtube:

Chimes From My Yard- ” Whispering Wind ”

©2014 DMagone / JoMama Music BMI All Rights Reserved

          As a meditation and martial arts instructor, reiki practitioner, and professional musician for decades now, I’ve listened to and tried many different soundtracks for relaxing and de-stressing. In that time I’ve only found a few I like that actually slow my chaotic brainwaves down enough to help my students/ clients and I to relax.

One day while taking a break in my backyard, the wind was blowing thru my chimes. As I sat there ,I became increasingly relaxed, and began naturally drifting in to an Alpha state right there in my lounge chair without any effort at all ! The natural summer breezes created unique patterns of sound untouched by human hands! It was simply the wind, and the chimes, and the beautiful melodies created were so unique and random that I couldn’t help but feel peaceful.

Some meditation audio producers make claims to be the “sounds of nature.”

THIS audio really is. It’s the sound of my chimes hanging in my backyard while gently stroked by the natural breezes here in beautiful Upstate NY on Lake Ontario, an area said by Edgar Cayce to be an energy vortex. There are no digital computer generated sounds, only acoustic ALL NATURAL!

Whether you meditate, practice yoga, reiki, walking or just hang out, these natural acoustic tones will relax your body, mind, and spirit ,causing a feeling of inner peace and balance. Clients are using it for sleep aide as well.

I had picked this particular chime because of it’s tonal qualities years ago. The chimes ring out tones , for example the notes C, B, E, G etc. Science knows the effects of certain tones on our health. Our inner ear has small hairs called cilia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereocilia_(inner_ear)

that vibrate when sound hits them and each hair is connected to our nervous systems causing us to feel certain emotions that affect the health of our body, mind, and spirit. Just like the different ways you feel when you hear different songs, noises, your Mother or childs voice, or even bird calls ! You feel a certain way. In future I’ll post more detailed information regarding specific tone characteristics and how they affect us.

Science is even experimenting with certain acoustic tones breaking up cancer cells under a microscope. The military uses sound as well , unfortunately for negative purposes, both silent subliminal sound carried on low and high frequencies , and sound cannons that you now see being used against citizen protestors.

So when choosing your meditation sound recordings please choose wisely from a reputable source.

Your constructive feedback is welcome in the comment section. Please click the “Like” link and spread the word. This is a copyrighted product and All Rights are Reserved ©2014 DMagone / JoMama Music BMI. Your purchase supports the artist and all profits go to support current and future recordings in the Arts.

Listen in good health, and let peace begin with YOU !

For the cd or mp3 of the full 59 min audio recording to use in your classes, sessions, daily or sleep activities please send $10 by money order with your email and contact information to :


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Rochester,NY 14616

Or contact me thru email dmagone@gmail.com for Paypal and mp3

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Audio Engineers: DMagone & Joe Teresi ©2014 JoMama Music BMI

Video : DMagone © 2015 All rights reserved