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After my Dad came to live with my family and I about 6 yrs ago(?) or so, we ended up having to take him to the hospital twice for dizziness and falling down, only to find out that the cause of this was that he was dehydrated!
He wasn’t under our minute observation when he first arrived. He was free to roam around the house, eat and drink when he was hungry. In the past he was always healthy, and drank lots & lots of water, boiling and refrigerating quarts at a time long before the masses thought to. So we assumed he was drinking enough. Well he wasn’t. Consequently we became the (filtered) Water Police !

Some of the signs and symptoms of dehydration
(from David E. Thomas, M.D., found at knittingdoc.wordpress.com)

” Thirst
Decreased urine output – urine will become concentrated and more yellow in color
Dry nasal passages
Dry, cracked lips, dry mouth, eyes stop making tears, sweating may stop, muscle
cramps, nausea and vomiting, lightheadedness (especially when standing),weakness will occur as the brain and other body organs receive less blood Coma and organ failure will occur if the dehydration remains untreated
Irritability and confusion in the elderly should also be heeded immediately ”

Lightheadedness or dizziness can lead to falling and broken bones or worse!

Keep water handy, even if you can only get your loved ones to sip occasionally. You can flavor the water with lemon, cucumber & ginger or your own favorite combo of organic fruits or veggies. You can also get a large variety of organic juices now at the market. Organic Apple Juice is one of my Dads favorites. He’ll drink that right down! Dilute juices with half water.
Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks WILL dehydrate you. If your senior is stuck on soda, they now have many organic choices you can use to hopefully ween them off.

Water is vital to maintain proper body & brain function ! Drink, whether you’re thirsty or not. If you wait or forget till you’re feeling thirsty, it may be too late for dry lips, skin, brittle nails, and dizziness leading to dangerous falls.

May Your Winter Season be Happy, Peaceful and Hydrated !!