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Stressed ? Take A Bath !


I know, I know for some of you, I might be preaching to the choir ! But how many of you actually do take a hot bath to relax body , mind , and Spirit these days?  Who has the time?  YOU do ! Or at least you better make the time for healths sake.

I try to find the time when the house is quiet, usually early morning before everyones awake (or after they’ve gone) . In the evening I’m so dead tired I don’t dare take a bath for worry of falling asleep and drowning!

Bathing can decrease stress, improve circulation and tone skin and muscles. Creating the ultimate bath is simple; finding the time for yourself is the challenging part. ”

For a few decades now , I’ve used a combination of favorite essential oils , epsom salt and sea salt. I light a few candles, sometimes I play my favorite home-made meditation mp3 or just a simple gong sound recording I created myself, …other times just quiet.  The effect of the warm water in relaxing my muscles, along with some deep breathing, brings a flood of thoughts & ideas so sometimes I have a pencil and paper or a recorder ready to record my thoughts, to sort of empty my head in order to proceed toward my goal of relaxation.

Circulation to deep muscle structures is also increased significantly in water immersion, improving oxygen flow to tissues and potentially facilitating healing of muscle, bone, and joint injuries (Balldin & Lundgren, 1972; Balldin, Lundgren, Lundvall, & Mellander, 1971). Improved blood flow is also relevant to processes that alter tissue circulation, including diabetes and some auto-immune diseases. ”

“ While friendly to the body, it will be shown to be, at the same time, a soother and comforter to the mind, and, next to fresh and pure air, the best dispeller of the vapours and spasms of fitful hysteria and of gloomy hypochondriasis – the best cosmetic for beauty, the best cordial for care. “ – Water As a Preservative of Health and A Remedy in Disease , John Bell M.D.

Go on, take  bath !