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Your Thoughts can Change Your Life, Your Body Language Can Change Your Thoughts!




Think Positive and Grow Neurons !

“Several breakthrough studies suggest that we may have more control over how our brains function and develop throughout adulthood—our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions—than previously assumed.”

“How to Rewire Your Brain For Success”  by TREVOR BLAKE

Do you remember as former Pres. Reagan became ill with Alzheimers there was a propaganda campaign speaking about the deterioration of brain cells as you grow older?  After 40 or 50 (?) it was a downhill slide and thus Alzheimers was inescapable.  I refused to believe that.  I knew senility was not the norm in old age.  I studied the people of Okinawa, Japan and other countries and how they lived independently to 100yrs or more with all their wits about them.

As you know by now, I’m a firm believer in our thoughts creating our reality for better or worse. Positive creates positive and vice versa. I always knew that positive thoughts can make even the dullest day more bearable, and I noticed that truly happy people lived longer (Bob Hope, George Burns, the people of Okinawa who used to have low levels of stress in their lives).  I also noticed negative thoughts can create stress that creates illness and death as it did to me back in the 80’s and others I knew who were stressed and angry all the time. More recently I watched as my Dad freaked out when he learned he had prostrate cancer. The “C” word and the cold hearted doctor who diagnosed him , made him feel as if it were a death sentence.

Because of Dads beliefs, nothing we could say changed his mind.  He stressed terribly and went in to a severe depression. I did some research and found out that his negative thoughts, worry & extreme stress actually caused a physiological reaction in his brain. His synapses rewired themselves in a different way and he was no longer the same person. So as stress literally killed me with severe ulcerative colitis, it also destroyed some of my Dads neurons and rewired his brain for the worse. My younger, more flexible state of mind went in to positive fight mode and pulled me through for the better. According to the latest science, I think I repaired and grew a few more neurons.

In  “How to Rewire Your Brain For Success”   TREVOR BLAKE  explains how scientists have found that neurons can grow or be destroyed depending on your state of mind or thoughts. Stress destroys. Dr Santiago Ramon y Cajal 1st winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine 1906 may have been of a similar belief according to some who’ve explored his work. He even used hypnosis to help his wife through child birth.

Why isn’t this common knowledge in America? Because it would give a person too much control over their own heath.

Why aren’t we taught how to stop stress, meditate , use self-hypnosis and control our thoughts in school? Because it would give our children too much control over their own lives and teach them to be individuals instead of sheep & blind followers & consumers.  Stress creates a ripe population of addicts who buy sugar, alcohol, junk food, cigarettes etc..   A corporate dream.

I remember as an 11yr old child getting a yoga book form the library and teaching myself how to meditate because I saw it on tv. I wanted balance in my out of control young life. I was getting in to trouble , parents divorcing.  It helped me a great deal throughout my life, especially during troubled times. I also use self-hypnosis a great deal to help me change negative thoughts and focus on the positive.  Crank up the iPod put on the headphones and fall asleep to positive dynamic meditations, suggestions and affirmations. Its effortless and very effective. Its changed my life.

It should be mandatory in our schools like in some other countries where useful physical arts and mental health (i.e.meditation) are actually a part of the curriculum . Does your school or your childs school teach how to meditate and control stress? Have you as an adult explored meditation and has it helped you ?