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Do You Have A Chiropractor Who Calls When “You’re” In Pain? I Do !

Do you have a chiropractor who calls when ” you’re ” in pain? I do !                                     Really!

It’s been an amazing summer, so much happening, both challenging and great! Well, coming in to the homestretch this past month of September, I over did it a bit. Numerous rehearsals, shows, family, & other business responsibilities, including starting an LLC with hubby Mark, ..it all caught up with me this past week.  I was pushing  a bit too hard.                                                                                                                                        Because of the mental & physical stress, and not always keeping an eye on my thoughts, my bones were all out of whack and I had very painful symptoms of sciatica.  The pain shot down my leg and even around the front of my ribs! Attending rehearsals, gigs and going through normal daily business, it was painful to even sit or lie down. I would get an “electrical” shock/pain that caused my whole body to twitch when it happened.  Every moment I felt it, I kept thinking to myself, ” As soon as my schedule opens up on Monday I’m going to call Ken for an appointment,” meaning my chiropractor Dr Ken Hack.  I used an inversion table when ever I had a few moments and it relieved the leg pain but the rib pain continued. I hadn’t seen my chiropractor in over a month.

For about a week I was envisioning (with feeling & desire because of the pain) calling Ken on Monday when my work schedule slowed down. Well, being the empath that Ken is , he heard me, telepathically, and called a few hours ahead of me calling him. I wasn’t there and he left a message asking how I was.  This didn’t surprise me one bit.  I do however get great enjoyment when ever it happens. Many of you have had the feeling of thinking of someone, the phone rings, and its them! Being an intuitive myself , I also go a bit further and have actually felt numerous times when someone close to me has passed.

Our minds, our spirits are capable of such great feats . We create our lives each day for good or bad, depending on our beliefs and values, which form our thoughts , positive or negative, each moment. I wanted my busy schedule, but then became stressed & even angry at myself, when I forgot to create time for adequate breaks or rest or even emergencies that popped up.                                                                              So the universe (& I 🙂 saw to it that I would slow down, by pinching some nerves. Thank You very much! Then my desire to get help was stronger than the stress & anger. So, today all my bones were put back in alignment, I’m feeling great, and focusing on the mental aspects of achieving more balance in my busy life.  In October I will be needing to say “No” to a lot of extra work, and anchor myself firmly down to some new songwriting and rehearsing for our road trip to LA in November. There will still be a few appearances, but no where near the number of performances the previous month.

Louise Hay (video) is someone,  who gets the power of words & thought, and has been teaching it for decades. She’s been successful , like SILVA in finding a way to bring it to the mainstream. It’s so important to realize that we are in control, and we do have choices. We just need to do the work.  Thats the hardest part.

Do you have an experience to share about telepathy, empathy or you causing things to happen to your health because of stressful or angry thoughts? Please share!