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What Do I Need Right Now?!

Photo D.Magone

Its Sunday morning after yet another hugely busy week, muscles aching, mind melting. Thinking about having to work this afternoon in to the evening. I was going to workout thinking it would help me feel better and was feeling quite the opposite. I expend alot of physical energy in my work using every muscle in my body. Performing for hours at a stretch non-stop, carrying a heavy Les Paul guitar, singing while playing, using my lungs and throat muscles, and thats only the performance part. Lifting my Dad daily as I care for him at home. Managing and organizing businesses, home, and family.

Whenever I feel uncertain or conflicted I learned to do one thing thats benefitted me greatly. I stop & ask myself “What do I need right now?”  I listened for thoughts, words, I took note of mental pictures & feelings in my physical body. I felt heavy , weighed down, my breathing was not light , I didn’t want to move much. Mind you, I have to perform in a few hours at a 4 hour event this afternoon! The thought of loading my car again with heavy equipment, then setting it up, then loading it for home again,… ughhh!  I felt like I just wanted to sit and be alone with nature & expand my breathing, my mind, my physical energy. Dust & wipe off the contractive stresses that’ve had me running every day, so fast that I barely have time to remember to take a deep breath & eat. Family from out of town is coming tomorrow, the house could use some dusting too now that I think of it. Screw it, I need some self-nurturing!

I allowed myself a treat of cappuccino, then opened the sliding glass door leading out to my beautifully green backyard, stepped out, sat down with computer in hand, and allowed the cool end of summer air to enter my lungs, to fly between the hairs on my head, the fingers on my toes and hands, yep, ….nerve endings exposed, feeling it everywhere!

I love to write, I wanted to blog today. SO what better way than to be in one of my favorite spaces so that I can feel the energy, see and touch the earth & plant energy that connects us so profoundly to the planet and the universe itself. Sound poetic? No brag just fact. See my past post ” Feel Better When You Walk Barefoot on The Earth” Its actually a real physical, scientific thing that happens between your electrons and those around you!

Open up a window, a sliding glass door , even when it rains and occasionally during the winter and take a long deep breath and gaze upon the beauty of nature. Touch and smell, listen & gaze. Re-energize.

These are moments of self-nurturing. Moments we all need to stay balanced and centered and WELL.

Be Well Now!