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Are You Addicted….to anything?


Photo courtesy of D. Magone ©2013

There are all forms of addiction . Many of you know the most obvious alcohol , drugs, sugar, etc. Do you also give thought to the not so obvious addictions like power, greed, security, sex or the addiction of needing to be loved?

Addictions initially bring feelings of euphoria but they’re very temporary. One way to begin healing the void that helps to create the addiction?


Dr. Chopra on addiction.

Potentials Unlimited and Silva Mind, Body , Healing, on the benefits and power of meditation.

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“As a warrior, the leader acts with power and decision. 

Most of the time, however, the leader acts as a healer and is an open, receptive, and nourishing state.  This mixture of doing and being, of warrior and healer, is both productive and potent.                                                                                                                           There is a third aspect of leadership: Tao.  Periodically, the leader withdraws from the group and returns to silence.  A brilliant warrior does not make every possible intervention.  A knowing healer takes time to nourish self as well as others.  The leader who knows when to listen, when to act, and when to withdraw can work effectively with nearly anyone.” (John Heider, pg. 55)

The Tao of Leadership

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Mind Over What Ever’s The Matter

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the Universe
is endlessly bountiful. Just put a clear enough request,
and everything your heart desires must come to you.”
 –Shakti Gawain

Matter has been accelerating lately I’m sure you’ve noticed. Things as well as time, seem to be moving faster than ever before. For some, myself included, there have been moments as of late, where it feels like its spinning almost out of control. So much flying at us, and by us, all at once !                                                                                                                               Shakti Gawain , author of the quote above, I’m told, studied with Jose Silva. Jose Silva wrote the SILVA MIND METHOD. I purchased his book in the 1970’s as a teenager looking for ways to stop the stream of negative thoughts running thru my head each day. I wanted to learn to control and create a better life. Being scientifically oriented ( a Virgo🙂 I enjoyed this book greatly. It was and still is, very helpful.

“Like attracts like. Whatever the conscious mind thinks and
believes, the subconscious mind identically creates.”
 –Brian Adams

 I’ve often said “Like attracts Like” over the last 4 decades. Something to do with every action having an equal reaction. I’ve gotten people to smile just by smiling at them. I’ve attracted angry people & situations when I’m angry etc. and happy when happy.

A recent experience motivated me to write today. I’ve been increasingly challenged to handle more than ever before on my plate of life experiences. I’ve also been working harder on manifesting and creating a better quality of life and what seems like magic just keeps getting better.

This past week I had to deal with some not so nice folks in a business situation.  When they became difficult and added to my daily burden, I chose to not allow them to create stress in my life. I chose not to participate in their anger baiting. I chose to deal with them as kindly as possible, yet firm.

I always lead and conduct myself with my head and heart in tandem in business as well as leisure. After being more than fair , these folks started to take advantage. I was ready to head for the courts.  At the same time I knew that there was another avenue. I decided to keep my heart in the game and my anger out of it. While home, miles away from the source of the “challenge” I surrounded the difficult people with light, and stated my intention for the “best outcome for all concerned.” I visualized the outcome I wanted, then I went on with my work, while making arrangements for legal options, & remained unattached emotionally.

Today I received a phone call and the previously angry, source of conflict had turned totally around. The situation is now resolving itself in a civil way without the help of lawyers or judge. This is just one recent example. There are many more.

It is the magic of life. The power that we hold in our minds takes only our attention just a few minutes a day to start manifesting and creating a better life. Yet governments have seen to it that you have no spare time at all to learn how to use it. Thus the exceleration of everything in our daily lives. They would never teach this in school.

Thoughts are things. Know that You can create your ideal life. You are the creator. Take the time to observe. When feeling overwhelmed , take a moment to ask yourself, “What do I NEED right now?” Then visualize it in the present moment as if it were here right NOW, feel the joy of it as if it has already happened, & then expect to receive.


Peace, Love, & Abundance,